a little bit more about me

 How did I get here?! I have always worked a corporate job in sales, mainly in the wedding and event industry. I love planning, organization, logistics, and timelines but creative freedom is always missing when you work for someone else. Almost 4 years ago, I bought my first camera, started my photography business and never looked back, mainly because I couldn’t. I started this business on the brink of Coronavirus and failure was not an option. I was going to teach myself everything about my camera from capturing a photo to editing. I treated learning this new art as a full-time job and then some. I spent hours and hours reading, watching tutorials, taking online courses, and joining photography groups and discussions. After months of friends modeling for me, I got hired for my first job and the rest is history.

Now, years later, I have met so many amazing families. I've been lucky enough to capture my client's journeys and watch their families grow before my eyes. From being invited into their homes or watching the sunset together at the end of our sessions, I have finally found my passion. Thank you for considering me to be a part of it.